Scialatielli of ancient grains and hemp 500gr - ground stone Maximize

Scialatielli of ancient grains and hemp 500gr - ground stone

Pasta of ancient hard grains and hemp, of our production, ground to stone

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina stone, stone-ground hemp flour (10%)

Contains gluten

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Our Pasta is obtained by mixing the ancient hard grains and the hemp grown by the Lentamente Cooperative.

Both, hemp and grains, are grown respecting the organic production regulations. Once harvested, the stone milling takes place. The durum wheat semolina and the hemp flour are thus obtained. The processing of these ingredients takes place at a pasta factory that uses bronze pasta extruder and which proceeds to a slow drying of the pasta.

The pasta therefore combines two of our productions:

1) our ancient grains, which are devoid of genetic manipulation. The yield per hectare is between 12 and 20 quintals. In cultivation we do not use the famous glyphosate herbicides), pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our grains are certified organic. Why cultivate ancient grains? The modern grains are always richer in gluten, while the ancient grains have a better and more balanced relationship between starch and gluten. The ancient grains therefore contain less gluten. All these grains are ground to stone: the low grinding speed keeps the temperature low during milling and makes sure that the flour does not run any risk of overheating, preserving its organoleptic qualities at best . The germ (that is the nutritive part of the grain) remains intact, preserving its organoleptic qualities at best.

2) hemp flour: a product rich in easily digestible proteins, fibers (which help the well-being of the stomach), mineral salts and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, useful in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

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